GM-1015 LCD video box

  •  GM-1015 LCD video box
  •  GM-1015 LCD video box
GM-1015 LCD video box  GM-1015 LCD video box

Shenzhen GMX Video brochure manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd. provides you with customized 4.3-inch creative LCD video box LCD advertising brochures, holiday gift cards, business invitations, detailed product prices, product images and other product introduction information, you can directly contact the manufacturer to obtain customized 4.3-inch creative video greeting card Box LCD advertising brochure holiday gift card business invitation specific information


1. Box size: Customized

2. LCD screen size: 2.4”  4.3”  5”  7”  10.1” for option

3. Resolution: 480*272P/800*480P/1024*600P

3. File formats :JPG/MOV/MP4/AVI/3GP etc   

4. Material: 350-400gsm coated paper + LCD screen + USB port

5. Memory capacities: Standard :128Mb. Max  up to  8GB       

6. Buttons: Non-button or Multi buttons

7. Play setting: Magnet control (open and play automatically)

8. Power supply: built-in rechargeable lithium battery 1500mAh up to 20000mAh

9. With Mini-USB for recharging and uploading video

10. Operation system: XP / Vista /Windows 7/Mac. and so on

11. Functions: Open the card, enclosed video shall play, Folded, the playing stops

12. Printing type: CMYK printing

13. Speaker: Built-in 1 piece 8Ω 2W speaker