With the development of society, traditional greeting cards, and new network technology integration, resulting in a new form of greeting cards: video greeting card. It adds an LCD player to traditional greeting cards, which not only has the function of greeting cards but also adds the feature of playing pictures or videos. The purpose of video greeting cards is not only limited to blessings but also can integrate the products promotional videos into brochures. It brings people a fresh feeling.


Chery Automobile customized this special New Year gift for customers and received unanimous praise. Video brochure sets the boot screen of Chery automobile and built-in videos of new models. It is showing the latest models with dynamic effect, playing a direct promotional impact and effectively letting customers know the whole line of Chery products.


Toyota has also customized the video brochure as promotional items. Through the combination of video and text, customers can more intuitively understand the characteristics and advantages of the new model, which has played a perfect publicity effect.

In addition to being used as a carrier of product promotion in the automotive field, video brochure also have many application scenarios, such as festival blessings, activity invitations, wedding invitations, anniversaries and graduation commemorations.